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Update on the closure of the Coastal Road

3 mars 2016

Less than 24 hours after the rock fall that occurred at PR (kilometric point)
9 + 200, it is as yet too early to give a date for when the road will once more be open to traffic. The state of the cliff is being examined, all the more so as rocks have continued to fall onto the road and into the trench behind the gabion wall. Eric Boiteux, subdivision director, and Dominique Fournel, the elected member of the Regional Council in charge of large scale projects, have both declared that before giving any date for reopening it is necessary to ensure the safety of the men working on the cliffside.

According to Eric Boiteux, there are two rock columns that are likely to fall at any time and need to be removed. Another important point will be the impact of the rocks falling onto the road surface during the manual operation (which use crowbars and pneumatic cushions). The date for reopening the road will depend on the progress of the repair work