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The Construction sector and the New Coastal Road : inauguration of the junction of La Possession

16 février 2017

To mark the end of the holiday period for the construction sector, the Regional Council of Reunion decided to inaugurate the junction of la Possession, which will reduce traffic congestion in the lower parts of the town and, more importantly, is an essential link for the New Coastal Road. It also gave the President of the Regional Council the opportunity to assess the progress of the construction as a whole, beginning with the manufacture of materials and visit of the factory producing the voussoirs for the viaduct.

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The end of the 2017 holiday period for the construction industry, which the Regional Council decided to symbolise by celebrating the inauguration of the junction of la Possession for the New Coastal Road, gave the Council the opportunity to reaffirm its presence and support for the different actors working in the sector ; the opportunity to demonstrate future prospects for our island as regards local planning, which will benefit the entire population and more specifically, its younger members, who could become involved in this sector in the long term.

Several civil engineering students from Saint-Pierre were present. They declared that they were lucky to be able to have access to this very large-scale construction site during their training, without having to leave Reunion. Alexandre, Daoud and Nina are all particularly sensitive to the environmental issues linked to the construction :

Regarding pillar N° 2 : starting work on the second-generation large-scale construction sites, the Regional Council, with the support of the French State and the European Union, will continue its investment programme throughout 2017, with the aim of achieving a balanced development of the territory, through structuring projects and construction projects contributing to the economic development of the territory.

The construction sector can, notably, rely on the Regional government body to help maintain growth in the sector. 2017, will, notably, see the following :

> roadworks aimed at improving and increasing the safety of the network with :

› start of work on the bridge over the Rivière des Galets ;
› end of work on the bridge over the Ravine des Orangers and the Eastern stretch of the bypass of Saint-Joseph ;
› continuation of work on the NCR.

> New infrastructures to develop public transport with :

› delivery of the road hub of Sainte-Marie ;
› continued development of dedicated bus lanes ;
› continued development of the Regional Bike Lane ;
› setting up of car-share car parks (La Mare, l’Étang-salé) ;
› continuing studies for the possibility of monorail/overhead railway.

> setting up neighbourhood amenities in the context of the second Support Plan for Town Councils, with the aim of improving the daily lives of the island’s inhabitants ;

> developing structuring amenities projects aimed at improving the attractiveness of the territory with :

› continued developments to improve amenities around the airports ;
› support for construction of the insular Eco City at Cambaie ;
› support for setting up the Industrial Harbour Centre of Bois Rouge.