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Specialised nautical and maritime equipment for the construction of the New Coastal Road

30 mars 2015

For the construction of the New Coastal Road, several ships can currently be seen along our coasts. They belong to the group of companies SDI (Société de Dragage Internationale : International Dredging Company) Sodranord, subcontractor of the GTOI - SBTPC – VCT group in charge of construction of the dikes for the future road. All of this specialised equipment (barges, pontoons, etc.) has been brought from Europe by a “semi-submersible” ship. The ship and the materials arrived offshore last Sunday 25th January. All these ships will remain here until the end of the year, to enable construction to be carried out.

The ship M.V. (Motor Vessel) XIA ZHI YUAN 6 arrived off the shores of Reunion on Sunday, 25th January 2015, around 6 p.m. This “semi-submersible” ship can sail long distances, transporting ships on its deck. It has brought very specific maritime equipment, not found on the island or in the surrounding zone, from Europe. A total of seven ships, from the group of companies SDI (Société de Dragage Internationale) Sodranord, subcontractor of the GTOI - SBTPC – VCT for the dikes of the New Coastal Road, were brought in aboard this semi-submersible :

• The dipper pontoon “Pinocchio”
• The ship “Atlantis” to be used for transport of rocks
• The pontoon “Bayard II”
• The multi-cat “Aramis”
• The bathymetric patrol boat “SC Opal”
• The separable barge « Johannis De Rijke »
• The separable barge « Johan Van Veen »

The semi-submersible, after unloading its cargo by sinking into the water and thanks to a ballast system to submerge its main deck, enabled the construction ships to sail towards Le Port (the harbour) of Reunion Island, some of them with the help of tugboats. This unusual unloading operation took place on Tuesday 27th January in the bay of La Possession. Part of the equipment brought in will be used for extension work on Le Port Est (East Harbour) next winter.

7 specialised ships for the maritime construction of the dikes

The building work currently being carried out by these ships consists of construction of the base of the dikes, situated in zones where the sea is too deep for the work to be carried out from the dikes (currently under construction). The ships will enable the installation of locally produced materials (rocks from fields and quarries) :

• Digging of a trench
• Installation of rocks for the bedrock layer and the anti-washout layer

The construction work, started in February, should end in November 2015. During this period, the different ships will be seen sailing along the future New Coastal Road between La Possession and Saint-Denis.

Her personal experience :

Responsible for the QHSE (Quality, Hygiene, Security, Environment), my role was advice, prevention and monitoring of actions and security procedures. It is a role of facilitator between the different sectors of the company and with the other actors of the construction project. I therefore have to raise awareness and encourage communication on the subjects of security, health, hygiene, quality and environment, with the different actors and all the stakeholders, as soon as they arrive on the site and throughout their stay. I am also in charge of the continuous improvement of the QHSE system.
I have a certified diploma in integrated management of the QHSE system. I followed all my studies in continental France, where I learned and developed my skills within large groups, in different sectors such as cosmetics/perfume, construction/telecommunications, and associations. While I was studying in continental France, I knew that I would eventually come back to my home island, in order to contribute, in one way or another, to preserving the quality of life and the beauty of this world Heritage UNESCO site. QHSE activity quickly became the obvious choice and a priority in my professional life.
I hope I can contribute to the construction of the New Coastal Road, since it represents so much for our island, not only from the economic point of view, but also for the quality of life for all the people using the existing coastal road. The environmental aspect is, of course, analysed and emphasised, in order to raise an awareness of the environment for all our collaborators. It is, indeed, THE big construction project of Reunion Island, but this does not mean we have to neglect the environment.
After the construction, I hope I can use my skills for new regional projects, new ventures, and even in new sectors of activity.

Emmanuelle FUTOL, 25 years old,
Responsible for Quality Hygiene Security & Environment – SDI SODRANORD