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Public enquiry about the New Coastal Road

7 novembre 2011

The public enquiry on the New Coastal Road started on 2nd November 2011 and is planned to end on 2nd December, if no extension is decided by the Enquiry Committee.

During this public enquiry, a complete file on the project can be consulted in the main Town Halls of Saint-Denis and La Possession. People can leave comments in the registers left for that purpose in the town halls or they can write to the President of the committee, who has been designated by the Administrative Court.

The three enquiry commissioners can be met in their offices at specified times for direct exchanges about the project (see enquiry notice office dates and hours in the town halls).

To maximise discussion time about the operation, the President of the enquiry committee has asked for two public meetings to be organized. These will be an additional opportunity for exchanges between citizens and the contracting authority, under the supervision of the enquiry committee.

At the outcome of the enquiry, on the basis of the comments noted in the registers, submitted by mail or expressed during the public meetings, the Enquiry Committee will draw up a report and will share with the Prefect the motivated conclusions of the members concerning the project, that the Regional Council, the contracting authority, has asked to be declared a project of public interest, an essential step for the construction of engineering structures in the public maritime zone.

Throughout the enquiry, citizens are thus invited to come to the town halls and to the two public meetings, in order to obtain information and ask questions about the project, these meetings being a vital stage of the process before the next stage, more operational, during which the necessary engineering structures will be determined more precisely.

This public enquiry concerns :

  • Usefulness of the acquisitions and works related to the construction of the New Coastal Road.
  • Compatibility of the Local Planning Project for the towns concerned

Give your opinion in the town halls of Saint-Denis and La Possession, on the days and opening hours of the offices.

Preliminary enquiry

  • Declaration of Public interest of the construction project
  • Compatibility of the Local Planning Project for the towns of Saint-Denis and La Possession

Opening times to the public of the Enquiry Committee :