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New Coastal Road : The barge Zourite (octopus) starts working

24 août 2016

The construction of the coastal viaduct, the remarkable structure of the NCR, is now visible out at sea. The barge Zourite, the major function of which is to lay down the different components of the piers for the viaduct, has begun functioning at sea alongside the existing road. Information concerning operations carried out by ‘Zourite’

After various tests carried out in the Port Est (East zone of the harbour of Reunion Island), Zourite is ready to depart and start operating out at sea, alongside the present Coastal Road next Wednesday 24th August. A few final tests will be carried out on the equipment on board, as well as simulations of positioning and situational operations.

At the same time as Zourite’s first trip out to sea, an exercise simulating the deployment of antipollution buoys will be carried out with the nautical support usually granted for works out at sea : multicat and staff patrol boat.

All of these basic operations are necessary steps for validating equipment and operation. Depending on the positive results of the tests, ‘Zourite’ will be able to lay the base of the first pier (P48).

Depending on the progression of the various stages and the weather conditions, the Regional Council will give regular updates on the operations, with the aim of organising visits of the construction site.

Zourite is preparing to transport out to sea the various components of the NCR viaduct. The components are manufactured on a production line at le Port.

Video : Charlotte Benoit, in charge of communication for the Coastal Viaduct shows the different sections of a pier.