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New Coastal Road : Photos and video of the first pier being laid

31 août 2016

Early in the week, the foot of the first pier was sunk into the sea, using the supersize ‘Zourite’ (octopus) barge. The barge left its home port last Wednesday to make it possible to carry out tests at sea. Once this process was over, the section of the future road off Grande Chaloupe was laid down. Next, Zourite will pick up the two upper sections of the pier, consisting of the top and the giant voussoir.

The construction of the coastal viaduct, the remarkable structure of the NCR, is now visible out at sea. The barge Zourite, the major function of which is to lay down the different components of the piers for the viaduct, has begun functioning at sea alongside the existing road.

A few photographs and video of the first operations, carried out on Tuesday, 30th August.

A custom-built self-lifting barge for the construction of the Coastal Viaduct.

The group of companies awarded the contracts for construction of the Viaduct at sea (VINCI Construction Grands Projets, Dodin Campenon Bernard, Bouygues Travaux Publics and Demathieu Bard Construction) took the decision to bring in a self-lifting super-size barge capable of rising to the challenge of the specific conditions of the construction project. The barge was designed and custom-built for the transport and installation at sea of the heavy components of the viaduct. It is equipped with eight legs, each of which has the capacity to support lifting 4000 tonnes, a bridge crane of 4 800 tonnes at a height of 33 metres and it incorporates mobile propulsion and positioning, anchor cables and a concrete mixer.


Dimensions of the barge (equivalent to a football pitch)

 Total length : 107 m
 Width : 44 m
 Height of the hull : 7 m

Dimensions of the legs

 Length : 55 m
 Diameter : 3 m
 Spudcan (base of the leg) which limits sinking to a maximum depth of 10 metres : 25 m²
 Weight of legs : 240 t

Leverage system

2 twin bridge cranes capable of lifting up to 4800 t

Speed of leverage

 Empty of load : up to 100 cm/minute
 Full load : up to 40 cm/minute
 Speed of navigation : up to 3.5 kn

Operational depth

 Up to 17 m

Dimensions of components transported

 Base : 4800 tonnes - 23 m in diameter
 Head of pier : 2300 tonnes
 Super-size voussoir on pier : 2400 tonnes

Name and flag of the barge

 name : ZOURITE (octopus)
 Shipowner : Compagnie Maritime du Littoral
 Flag : French
 Home port : Le Havre
 Shipyard : CRIST, Gdynia, Poland