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New Coastal Road : Jobseekers trained as deep-sea divers

10 février 2014

Following a call for tender, the AFPAR (Adult Education Structure) was selected by the operator CONSTRUCTYS REUNION to organise the training.

Means of assessment

Depending on the intended level of training, assessment will be carried out by immersion in ditches and pools out at sea, in the presence of an accredited diving instructor ; the organisation of diving operations comes under the responsibility of the director of deep-sea diving operations.
Skills will be assessed depending on the environment concerned : close to shore and mid-distance for level I, mid-distance and far from shore for levels 2 and 3. Each level necessitates a minimum number of dives, enabling assessment of the general difficulties of the targeted level.
As regards preparation for the profession of deep-sea diver, assessment will be carried out concerning continuation of training, eventually leading to the diploma of deep-sea diver.

Public targeted
Eligible jobseekers, in accordance with the collective POE.

Prerequisites :
CAP/BEP (Vocational Training Certificate and Diploma) and professional experience connected to the public works sector.
Medical certificate showing absence of contraindication for diving, issued by doctor with a diploma in hyperbaric medicine or sports medicine.

Qualifications of instructors in charge of the training course

In addition to the fully qualified diving instructor, the presence of a professional deep-sea diver was required, in order to give a closer understanding of the relationship between the activities of diving and the profession of underwater worker.

Technical equipment, material and premises

The theoretical training was given at the CFPA in Saint Paul, where there are fully equipped classrooms with access to the Internet.
Practical training in a professional context was given at a diving centre, with various types of equipment made available :

- Regulatory diving equipment, that is to say a complete individual diving kit consisting of :

  • Flippers, mask, snorkel, wetsuit, safety vest, pressure regulator, belt and lead weights, surface parachute, depth gauge and/or diving computer
  • One 12 L bottle
  • Specific professional literature
  • Regulatory number of certified diving instructors

In addition, the centre disposes of regulatory safety equipment :

  • First aid kit
  • Oxygen therapy material,

as well as a defibrillator available belonging to the CRESSM (Regional Committee for the Study as Underwater Sports) close by.

References for the training courses

For a long time, L’AFPAR has been organising training sessions in the construction and public works sector. Training for the profession of deep-sea diver is seen as pre-professional training, aimed at the practice of activities of exploration, inspection and carrying out various tasks underwater. The aim is awareness of specific aspects of a precise professional activity.