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New Coastal Road : Inauguration of the super barge ZOURITE

28 mai 2016

The superstructure will start working in June, to give time for the engineers to carry out final procedures. Zourite was officially inaugurated in Port Est in the presence of Didier Robert, President of the Regional Council, and also all the actors involved in the construction of the New Coastal Road

The super barge was constructed in Poland and left the country almost 2 months ago. It took over 16 months to construct this custom-built self-elevating structure, which will make it possible to transform there is sections of the viaduct out to the construction site.

Zourite is supported by eight legs, which can raise the platform to over 19 m above sea level. Its supporting deck can be raised to a height of 33 metres. It is the size of football pitch and will be able to transport one pier every two weeks.