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NCR : Visit of the construction site by trainee Geometer-Topographers

11 août 2015

In the context of the training program dedicated to the construction of the New Coastal Road, the construction site of the junction of La Possession welcomed 10 or so geometer-topographer trainees of different levels. The visit gave them an idea of the practical realities of the profession, as well as enabling them to follow a technical description of the topography of the construction site and to have a better idea of the various technical elements involved. This specialised geometer-topographer training is part of the large-scale building projects program of the construction sector.

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The Higher Professional Technical Diploma obtained will essentially enable them to work on construction sites. The AFPAR (adult professional training body in Reunion), in collaboration with AFPA (Mainland France equivalent), is supporting this training, as the continuity of an integrated project for the development of the construction-road network-public works sector within the organisation, integrating level V and III training courses.

The profession of geometer-topographer includes many various functions : taking topometric measures and carrying out topographical surveys in the field (general framework, detailed surveys, control lines, etc.). Geometer-topographers make surveys of the interior and the facade of existing constructions and determine the perimeter and the surface of a building. They determine and mark out the location of a construction site, draw up or update plans for infrastructures and various networks and carry out surveys/land documents, as well as drawing up or modifying architectural plans (dividing up of surfaces, re-parcelling, etc.). In addition, they check the compliance of the location of projects on delivery.