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NCR : Permanent ecological monitoring for the protection of Les Lataniers

18 juillet 2017

Last Thursday 19th March, the teams of the Groupement Digues (GTOI – VCT–SBTPC), along with Biotope carried out a monitoring session at sea, to determine the impact of the cyclone Haliba on the coral reef of Les Lataniers.

Each week the divers of Seanergy work on the maintenance of the anti-suspended material barrier. During construction of the NCR, the coral reef of Les Lataniers will be closely monitored and protected.

From conception to construction, the project of the New Coastal Road has been designed to minimise as far as possible the impact on the surrounding environment. The Lataniers coral reef, a remarkable site located close to the construction, has been under specific professional protection and monitoring since the start of the project. Here are some pictures of these protection measures : click here (video : Alefa Prod).