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NCR (New Coastal Road) : Opening of the temporary slip-road of La Possession

19 septembre 2014

Next Friday, 19th September 2014, thanks to the teams of the “Direction Régionale des Routes” (Regional Road Services) the temporary junction for La Possession will be opened for use. The construction of the temporary junction, parallel to that of the New Coastal Road, will relieve the town centre of a part of its daily traffic for the duration of the construction of the NRL.

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The construction of the New Coastal Road started at the end of 2013. The construction site was inaugurated by the installation of the first accropods, in the presence of the partners of the project : French State, Regional Council, European Union, town council of La Possession. The construction of the slip-road of La Possession, which will soon come to an end, includes an overpass that crosses a 4-lane road. It will connect the inhabitants of Ravine à Malheur and Camp Magloire directly with the RN1 (Main road), enabling them to drive west and south while avoiding the town centre.

The construction, that the inhabitants of La Possession have long been waiting for, will precede the opening of the full junction perpendicular to the RD41, planned in the context of the New Coastal Road, still under construction.

The slip-road, along with the site access that follows the coast between the junction of Le Port Est and the south end of the existing coastal road, are among the structures that will help make the traffic more fluid in the town centre and avoid the heavy construction vehicles driving through the residential areas during the construction of the New Coastal Road.

As a reminder :

The construction of the temporary slip-road RD 41-RN1 towards the West & South in La Possession is part of the preparation work for the NCR. The work was carried out without cutting off the traffic by the company SAS, and includes :

  • Transferring the water treatment station, as well other infrastructure networks,
  • Construction of the access road and the embankments of the temporary construction, with a retaining wall of reinforced backfill material and gabion walls,
  • Restructuring the access roads leading into the town, with the reopening of the old B3 road toward Saint-Denis. In the event of partial closure on the sea side of the existing coastal road, this access road will be closed and only buses will be able to use it in the direction of Saint-Denis, driving along a specific slip-road equipped with barriers immediately upstream of the partial closure (a system similar to the existing system).
  • Enlarging of the central island on the sea side of the RN1 (main road), necessary for the construction of the central support of the overpass,
  • Installation of the removable metal viaduct (VMD : Viaduc Métallique Démontable) by the SMPRR (Syndicat Mixte du Parc Routier de la Réunion : Road Management Structure of Reunion) and the technical assistance of the CNPS (Centre National des Ponts de Secours : National Centre for Emergency Bridges) in the nights of 25th and 26th August.
  • Laying down of the road surface and installation of security equipment and signals.

The cost of these constructions amounts to almost €2 million, incl. tax.