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JACE’s GOUZOU on the coastal road tunnel

24 juillet 2014

Since the beginning of the week, the artist has appropriated the outer wall of the tunnel located at the northern end of the coastal road. Both by day and at night, the artist, whose face isn’t very well known, has been working on this 455 m² of surface. He will need more than 250 cans of paint spray to create Gouzou, the trademark character of the mysterious artist, for whom the project is both a challenge and a sequel, as a first Gouzou appeared at the entrance of the tunnel... 22 years ago, illegally !

Who is the Gouzou ?

Jace, a local artist, created and started drawing the little cartoon character in 1992. He owes his fame to the highly humorous characteristic of illegally springing up in the environment, particularly on huge empty walls.

The Gouzou is a little rounded cartoon character, drawn with a simple silhouette following the technique of the “ligne claire". The artist does not represent the features of his face, hands and feet. The Gouzou has an oval-shaped head that is almost as high as the rest of the body.

He is systematically represented in his surroundings, whether it is a wrecked car, a hitherto ignored tree stump, or an advertisement re-appropriated by the artist.