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Assessment of the public enquiry about the New Coastal Road

22 août 2011

The people of Reunion Island expressed themselves during the public enquiry that was held from 1st April to 31st May 2011 and during two public meetings held at the town halls of Saint-Denis La Possession. The result of the enquiry was a consensus on the need to construct a safe major road as being essential for the economy of the island.

Download the results of the public enquiry

Object of the enquiry and legal context

The public enquiry was an initiative taken by the Regional Council of Reunion Island, contracting authority of the New Coastal Road project – RN1, a safe infrastructure linking up Saint-Denis and La Possession, in accordance with the provisions article L.300-2 of the French Urban Code.

The New Coastal Road project meets the criteria of article R. 300-1 of the French Urban Code, which states that “a road investment exceeding €1 900 000 situated in the urban zone of a municipality, and leading to the creation of new engineering structures” of over 200 m² on a part of the coast, in the vicinity of any urban zone, must be in accordance with the obligations of article L.300-2 of the French Urban Code, which necessitates holding an enquiry on the project.

The enquiry follows on from :

  • An initial enquiry held in 2008 by the Regional Council, in application of article L.300-2 of the French Urban Code.
  • The evolution of the project schedules, set out in June 2010 by the Plenary Assembly of the Regional Council, integrating into the project additional lanes for public transport and abandoning the idea of funding the project by a toll.

The project, object of the enquiry, aims, above all, at the construction of a safe structuring link for the island. The enquiry is part of the phase of defining the main characteristics of the constructions to be carried out. These characteristics are defined in the studies of the initial general preliminary draft, the technical study, the main object of which is to serve as a support for the initial enquiry for the construction to be declared as a Public Interest Project (PIP) and the drawing up of the construction schedule.

Objectives of the consultation :

A reminder of the context in which the project is to take place, its main challenges and its technical characteristics.
Presenting the different possibilities of developments considered, based on the choice of an entirely maritime project.

Download “Le Mag Reunion”, Special issue “New Coastal Road”