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A new local factory producing the metal rods for the framework

30 mars 2015

The construction the New Coastal Road has led to the development of specific new skills in Reunion Island. A local company named SAMT OI Armatures is a good example, as it was ready to invest in order to contribute to the project and offered to train and hire local staff.

SAMT Océan Indien, the factory producing the metal rods for the framework for the construction of the New Coastal Road, is located in Reunion Island in the town of Le Port. As the company has already had experience of a number of construction sites (the viaduct of Millau, the transfer of water for the irrigation of the West of the island, the Route des Tamarins, etc.), the company relies on modern equipment and materials and trains local workers. As a certified company (NF-Armatures, AFCAB welding, etc.) SAMT OI uses, notably, “Hérisson®” rebar couplers : a range of high-performance couplers designed to offer optimum concrete grip : resisting strain and earthquakes.

Training and hiring between 200 and 300 young Reunion Island workers

To be able to meet the needs of the NCR construction, the company has invested in two huge machines, enabling them to increase their production capacity from the current 500 tons to 3000 tons. The company has also invested in high-tech software that enables real-time control of the entire factory, and intends to train and take on a number of young Reunion Island workers by the end of the year. The global investment of 2 130 000€ has mainly been financed through the support of the Regional Council (€200,000) and European funds (€310,000). The company has also planned to develop its 20,000 m² of area with :
• A production zone exclusively dedicated to the NCR framework.
• A production zone for the framework using a tower crane dedicated to the local market, which will function separately from the zone specifically dedicated to the NCR, in order not to interfere with the latter.
• For the needs of the NCR, a 4000-ton storage area, dedicated to coils and bars of steel for reinforced concrete, has been increased to 9000 tons.
• An unused zone will be converted for the large-scale production of prefabricated rods for the framework to be used for the viaduct.

His personal experience :

“The concrete framework company SAMT has been present in Reunion Island since 1999. The group employs around 200 staff, around 50 of whom currently work on the island. We are present worldwide : England, Panama, New Caledonia, etc. for different sorts of projects : motorway bridges, viaducts, nuclear power plants or buildings. The company is proud to be involved in the New Coastal Road construction, as a subcontractor of the GTOI-SBTPS-Vinci group, knowing that taking part in this project will be an exceptional reference for the company’s reputation. Thanks to this project, our production of steel framework will increase from 500 tons a month to 3000 tons, or maybe more. We have restructured our industrial site of Le Port and invested massively. All these investments (high-tech software for real-time control of our production, new ultramodern cutting and shaping machines 15 or 20 times faster and professional training) will represent a cost of €2 million for our company. The construction site will enable the creation of 200 to 300 local jobs at peak times.”

Regional Head of SAMT OI