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The main stages of the construction of the New Coastal Road in 2013

2 juillet 2014

April to June : Examination of exceptions linked to disturbances caused to protected species (mainly sea birds and marine mammals)

June to July : Two public enquiries concerning use to be made of the public maritime zone (DPM) and work that will have an impact on the aquatic environment

Second half of 2013 : Announcing results of tender for construction work (call for tender end of 2012, representing almost €1.2 billion)

October 2013 : Administrative authorisation was concerning water policy and work on DPM (Administrative documents)

December 2013 to January 2014 : Exceptions for protected species (decrees issued by Prefecture and Ministry).

Schedule of construction work

End 2013 : Start of preparatory work (access to construction site) and signature of contracts for construction of large scale maritime structures (dikes/viaducts)

Starts 2014 : Construction work lot N°2 (dike of La Possession supporting the junction of the RD41 road) and lot N° 4 (viaduct of Grande Chaloupe)

2015 : Start of construction of large scale marine structures (dikes/ viaducts), after a preparatory period of approximately one year for mobilisation of exceptional equipment that will be necessary (for example offshore platforms). It is estimated that construction of large-scale maritime structures will take approximately 4 years.

2019 / 2020 : Opening of the New Coastal Road.