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Flora - Gravel barrier

4 novembre 2013

• Direct impact : none.
• Indirect impact on the cliff : insignificant, even with exaggerated hypotheses of trade-wind conditions (on local production of marine aerosol treatments) and during cyclone events (on amount rainfall and speed of winds).
• Induced impacts (quarries) : quarry procedure by the contracting authority : currently avoiding/reducing/compensating (see additional study). At the request stage for an exception for the New Coastal Road : even with exaggerated hypotheses, the state of conservation of populations in their natural area is not questioned. At the present stage : the contracting authority must continue studies on two sites retained (Lataniers and Bellevue), of which the perimeter has been adjusted according to the environmental challenges.
• Range of flora planted to create a barrier for gravel : confirmation of the contracting authority’s commitments to contacting local experts in order to increase the range of plants (see additional study).
• Invasive species : design aimed at reducing the primary impact and improving the present situation (see attached document).