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4 novembre 2013

A procedure based on 3 pillars.

1- Creating the necessary conditions :

• Making companies act responsibly in respect of process and definition of effective means applied : undersea acoustic screen, MES (suspended matter) retaining system, waste collection, adapted lighting for nocturnal seabirds, etc.
• Efficient means to guarantee the process.

2- Obligation of results defined in the working contracts :

• Regarding quantifiable indicators

3- A monitoring and control system :

• Companies : internal and independent controls - measures of MES, noise, etc.
• Project manager : certificates concerning methods applied/Independent controls with possible measures/Application of penalties
• Contracting authority : individual specific controls, AMO (Assistant of contracting authority) or specialised companies to be hired.

Initial situation defined by qualified experts :

> Proactive and environmentally aware studies :
• All essential issues are very detailed
• Local experts : GLOBICE, BIOTOPE, Insectarium de La Réunion, SEOR, EQUILIBRE (Expertise by L. Bigot) and LAGONIA, CYATHEA