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The large-scale projects objective employment committee : who are they ?

1er juillet 2014

In order for the large-scale projects to fully contribute to the economy and to employment, company needs must be anticipated, so that the adequate skills may be available. In this respect, the French State, the Employment Centre and the Regional Council have signed a framework agreement to promote local employment for large-scale projects. This has resulted in the setting up of an operational board, called the Large-Scale Projects Objective Employment Committee, which has the following objectives :

  • Anticipating the occupations and qualifications needed for the project and assessing all training needs on this basis ;
  • Upon completion of the project, ascertaining and identifying solutions to guarantee the long-term continuation of jobs thanks to the economic development created by the project.
  • The AFT-IFTIM study, presented at a seminar in June 2012, assessed the number of jobs that will be created thanks to the New Coastal Road. The study also gave a precise analysis of the relevant occupations and training courses.

* Carif oref : a centre for training resources and information, including regional observatories for employment & training