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Professional training for a construction project that will boost economic development

1er juillet 2014

In close partnership with the French State (Employment Centre), the Regional Council wishes to enhance training and local employment through regional large-scale projects. The objective is to include the New Coastal Road in the council’s policy to revive the local economy. For example, the New Coastal Road project presents an opportunity for the Reunionese in terms of training and employment, not only in the field of construction, but also in the sectors of transport and logistics.

2700 jobs created thanks to the project, including 1800 direct jobs
General objectives :

  • Anticipating the occupations and qualifications needed for the project
  • Supporting the end of construction and guaranteeing job sustainability
    Training for the construction industry
    Construction industry training course objectives
  • Promoting access to employment for job-seekers
  • Providing a complementary or upgraded qualification to former employees of the construction industry who are currently seeking employment
    Figures for the construction industry training
  • 106 job-seekers currently in training
  • 989 training places financed in 2013 (of which 834 were financed by the Regional Council at a cost of €4.7 million and 155 by the OPCAs and the Employment Centre)
  • 30 occupations targeted, of which 19 were covered