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12 juillet 2017

The Regional Council started working on the project of construction of the New Coastal Road (NCR) at the end of 2013. The main challenge of the new road is primarily to put an end to a constantly unsafe situation for the thousands of users, professional or otherwise, who drive along this major road on Reunion Island everyday. The importance of this strategic link for our economy made it essential to construct a completely safe new road.

The existing coastal road is constantly under threat of hazards, such as rocks falling off the cliff. For the last few years, the Regional Council, supported by the French State, has put up 450,000 m² of nets, with the aim of reducing the risks, but these are inefficient against major rock falls, such as the dramatic one that cost the lives of two Reunion Island road users on 24th March 2006.
All the experts working on the problem have concluded that it is impossible to foresee or anticipate these phenomena, which is why the existing road should be abandoned for a safe new infrastructure.

The choice of a road partially out at sea was made in 1999, and then confirmed in 2006. 20 years of studies, expertise, enquiries and public debates confirmed the need for a new infrastructure. All the experts concluded that this solution responds to the different challenges of the road, not only technically, but also financially and environmentally.
The NCR will also play a major role in the transition towards developing a system of modern and efficient public transport, thanks to the possibility of integrating buses, light railed transport, but also a cycle lane, to encourage the inhabitants to use environmentally friendly means of locomotion.