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The viaduct of La Grande Chaloupe (MT4)

1er juillet 2014

EIFFAGE TP/ Razel Bec / SAIPEM / NGE Contracting / Guintoli in charge of construction of the Viaduct of La Grande Chaloupe (MT4)

The project consists of constructing a 240 m bridge in the area of La Grade Chaloupe without necessitating any maritime means. The structure allows direct opening of the gullies onto the ocean and a view over the ocean. It is the main structure giving access to the site. The interchange will be constructed at a later point, after public opening of the NCR.

The bridge is a concrete structure with 4 continuous spans. The deck consists of a single pre-stressed concrete case with a constant height of 3.45 m. It is supported by 3 maritime piers, placed on footings, and on two abutments, supported by piles, connected to the dike at either end.

Construction work includes :
-  Studies of methods and applications
-  Installations and preparation of construction site
-  Construction work of foundations and supports (piers and abutments)
-  Construction work of deck
-  Construction of the superstructures
-  Monitoring and regulations of various types to assure quality, safety and protection of the environment.

The infrastructure is located in the Public Maritime Zone.

Quantity of materials for the construction of the viaduct :
-  Concrete : 15,000 m³
-  Steel : 2300 tons
-  Pre-stressed concrete : 350 tons
Number of workers on the construction site : around 50 persons (including people in professional integration).
Start of the construction : during 2014 (duration : 23 months).
Cost of section MT4 : €37,589,206.12 incl. tax.