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The New Coastal Road : A sustainable construction

1er juillet 2014

Environment :
-  Taking into consideration the challenges of biodiversity
-  Obligation of results for the companies (responsibility concerning the means used)
-  Reinforced controls and monitoring (3 levels : companies/project manager/contracting authority) + a monitoring committee
-  A system to reduce the suspended matter and impact on the environment
-  Measures taken for lighting (adapted/banned during specific periods) to avoid harming sea birds
-  Limiting and monitoring noise to preserve marine mammals
-  Rules concerning maritime transport (equipment), for the safety of marine species (cetaceans/sea turtles)

Quality for a hundred-year performance of the structures :
-  Maritime structures dimensioned to resist hundred-year cyclone swell event, taking into consideration risk of long-term rising sea levels
-  Base abutment and anti-washout layer to protect the foundations of the structure
-  High-performance concrete

Safety :
-  Adapted access to the construction site
-  Minimum impact for traffic on the RN1 (existing coastal Road) (mainly at night), safety for maritime transport (beacons)

Social and economic :
-  Structures dimensioned to welcome a future guided TCSP (public transport) (including rail-guided)
-  Job creation
-  Professional training
-  Impact on local economy