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The dike (Phase 1 : 3600 M) (MT5.1)

1er juillet 2014

GTOI / SBTPC / VINCI construction group are constructing the first 4 sections of the Dike (phase 1 : 3600 m) (MT5.1)

The dike is a backfill-embankment structure, the upper part protected from the sea by a wall. It is protected by layers of rock covered with an outer shell of concrete blocks.

The successive stages of placing different types and layers of construction materials will be carried out by gradually moving out to sea as work advances. The construction of the 4 sections of the dike measure a total of 3,570 m.

Some parts of the structure (trench, base abutments) will necessitate the use of maritime equipment.

Quantity of materials for the construction of the dike :
-  Rock layers : 2,300,000 m³
-  Backfill : 2,600,000 m³
-  Outer shell blocks : 21,500 unity
-  Concrete : 115,000 m³
-  Steel : 13,000 tons
Number of workers on the construction site : around 800 persons (including people in professional integration, except for people working in quarries and transport).
Planned start of construction : start 2014 (period of preparation/mobilisation of construction site installations) (duration : 57 months from 2015)
Cost of construction : €474,924,245.92 incl. tax.