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The 5,400M Viaduct (MT3)

1er juillet 2014

VINCI construction / Bouygues Travaux publics / Dodin Campenon Bernard / Demathieu Bard construction are in charge of constructing the 5,400 m viaduct (MT3).

The viaduct between Saint-Denis and La Grande Chaloupe is 5,409 m long. It is 28.9 m wide. The length of the standard span is 120 m. It will be the largest maritime viaduct in France.

The deck is a single pre-stressed concrete case of variable height. It is supported by 48 piers in the sea and 2 abutments connecting with the dike.

The different sections of the structure will be pre-cast on land. The massive elements of the foundations, the piers and one part of the deck will be transported to the construction site by sea using a mega-barge. The pre-cast standard voussoirs of the deck, transported along the RN1 (main road) at night, will be assembled by the technique of successive corbel construction using a beam launcher.

From the beginning, the design has offered the possibility of integrating a guided or railed (similar to a tram) public transport system in the long-term.

Quantity of materials :
-  Concrete : 250,000 m³
-  Steel : 38,000 tons
-  Pre-stressed concrete : 9,000 tons
Number of workers on the construction site : around 800 persons (including people in professional integration).
Planned start of the construction : beginning 2014 (period of preparation/mobilisation of construction site equipment). Work from 2013 (duration : 54 months).

Cost : €715,690,332.87 incl. tax.