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New Coastal Road : update on construction at the entrance of la Possession

3 avril 2015

Work on the junction at the western entrance of the Coastal Road is proceeding well. A supervisor of the group of companies responsible for construction of the dyke and junction is on site to explain the progress that has been made. A crane operator tells us about his work, which for him is a real passion.

As a reminder, the construction site brings together a range of skills, but above all the contributions of men and women working with passion and dedication.

When the detailed initial studies were carried out, particular attention was paid to urban areas, notably for the interchange at La Possession, which will represent a new entrance to the city (a complete multifunctional interchange). The project will be fully integrated into the landscape, including the rest area and the areas around the interchange. The construction of this new future interchange will consist of the creation of a 400m dike in a shallow zone that will not require major maritime resources and three bridges (one with three bridge spans and two with just one span). The dike will enable the maritime sections to be joined to the mainland, and will consist of an embankment mounted by a sea wall. It will have a protective shell consisting of a layer of concrete blocks.

The second construction phase of the interchange consists of connections to existing roads. This will enable the interchange to be open and operational before the full opening of the New Coastal Road.

Work on the first section of the future interchange will include :

  • Method and technical studies,
  • Equipment and site preparation,
  • The construction of 3 structures (bridges)
  • The construction of 2 sections of the dike of a total length of 350m
  • A variety of controls and measures to ensure the safety and protection of the environment