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Junction of La Possession (MT2)

1er juillet 2014

The companies GTOI / SBTPC / VINCI Construction are in charge of constructing the junction of La Possession (MT2)

When the detailed studies were being carried out, specific attention was paid to the more urban sections of the construction, notably those for the junction of La Possession, which will be the new gateway into the town (complete multi-functional junction). The operation includes landscaping the rest area and the zones in the vicinity of the junction.

The future junction necessitates the construction of a 400m dike in an area of shallow sea, thus not necessitating heavy work out at sea, as well as three bridges (one with three spans and two with one span).

The dike will create the land link with the maritime construction. It consists of a bank topped with a protective sea wall. The dike itself is protected by a shell having an outer casing of concrete blocks.

The second phase of construction of the junction will link it up to the existing road network. It will enable the junction to be in use before the New Coastal Road becomes fully operational.

Work on the first stage of the future junction includes :

  • Studies concerning the methods to be applied,
  • Installation and preparation of the construction site,
  • Construction of 3 large-scale engineering structures (bridges)
  • Construction of 2 sections of the dike, totalling some 350m in length
  • Different types of checks and legal instruments to ensure safety and environmental protection

The structures (bridges and dikes) are located within the Public Maritime Zone

Start of construction : 2014 (duration of construction work 22 months)

Cost of works : €54,648,982. 71

Quantity of materials :
-  Rocks : 100,000 m³
-  Rubble : 110,000 m³
-  Concrete : 23,000 m³
-  Steel : 2,200 tonnes

Number of persons working on the site : about 70 (including insertion contracts)