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A temporary access road RD41 – RN1 in the direction of the south at the La Possession end (MT 1D)

1er juillet 2014

Update on access work

The preparatory work, to be carried out without the traffic being interrupted, should begin by the end of the year and concerns the town of La Possession It will consist of :

  • Construction of a temporary access road between the RD41 (Camp Magloire/Ravine à Malheur) and the RN1 (Main Road) in the direction of Saint Paul (construction of a retaining wall and the supports for a temporary bridge to lay down the temporary access road going over the RN1).
  • Two access roads from the RD41 Crossroads, giving access to the RN1 in the direction of Saint Denis.
  • Widening the central island of the RN1 on the sea side.

Until the completed crossroads between the RN1 and the town centre of La Possession is in use, the operation will be carried out in stages to enable the crossroads of the RD41 in its final version to be opened as from 2016. These works are financed by the Regional Council, in its role as contracting authority. They will begin at the end of 2013 and opening is planned for the start of 2014.

Planned start of construction : end of 20132014 (duration of construction work : 4 months, with one month of preparation)

Cost of works : €1,786,880 incl. tax

Construction to be carried out by SAS