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A reminder of the main characteristics

2 juillet 2014

The RN1 (main road) between Saint-Denis and La Possession, also called Route du Littoral (Coastal Road), the strategic road linking the commercial port (town of Le Port) to the administrative town of the island and the Roland Garros international airport, is used every day by an average 60,000 vehicles. Since it frequently undergoes extreme natural, geological and marine events, the road needs be replaced by a new road built out at sea, further away from the cliff, and its dimensions have been designed to resist a hundred-year swell event.

Below are the characteristics of the project :

  • Approximate length : 12.5 km (from kilometric point PR 1.02 to PR 13.5 on the existing road)
  • Speed limit : 90 km/h
  • Type of road : 4-lanes + verges + a planned lane for future TCSP (Bus Network), plus bicycle lanes
  • Combination of dikes and maritime viaducts
  • Complete interchange with the RD41 (Route de la Montagne) in La Possession
  • Complete interchange in La Grand Chaloupe
  • Road with no toll